For the Love of Good Food with Rozanne Gold

Cookbook star Rozanne Gold shares how she bonded with her mother and daughter – and U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama – over a passion for the plate (Hello! Canada)

Rozanne Gold may be one of the most promin- ent figures in the New York City food world, but no amount of notoriety prepares you for the thrill of being asked to the White House. “We were invited to be on the lawn and to view the edible garden that Michelle Obama created,” the award-winning cookbook author, 57, tells Hello! Canada of her 2010 visit. “On a very hot day, 800 chefs in their whites was quite a scene!

“Mrs. Obama gave an impassioned – and impressive – speech about making childhood obesity and healthy eating a top priority,” she adds. “I was pleased to give Mrs. Obama’s assistant a copy of my cookbook for teens, which I autographed for her daughters.” It was a special moment for the chef, who has always believed in the importance of mothers and daughters cooking together.

Rozanne grew up in a “food-obsessed family” in New York. “My mother was a wonderful cook and it was a joy being with her in the kitchen,” she recalls. These happy times sparked Rozanne’s interest in food. As a child, she carried around her Little Golden cookbook, read Gourmet magazine – and at the age of 11 founded a summer camp and served as its head chef.

Her passion for the plate continued throughout high school and college, where she took breaks from studying psychology to whip up duck à l’orange for her roommates. She eventually dropped out of a master’s program to start her own catering company.

At 23, some of Rozanne’s high-profile clients – including legendary acting teacher Lee Strasberg, who coached Marilyn Monroe and Al Pacino – helped her land a dream job as the private chef of New York City Mayor Ed Koch, living at his official residence, Gracie Mansion. There she had the opportunity to cook for the city’s best and brightest, as well as visiting dignitaries.

The job made Rozanne an instant celebrity and after a year she found herself recruited for top chef positions in Manhattan. She went on to be- come a restaurant consultant and in 1984 got a job with iconic restaurateur Joseph Baum and his business partner, Michael Whiteman, at Baum + Whiteman, where she helped pioneer the small-
plates trend. Michael and Rozanne fell in love and married in 1987. (She says the secret to their lasting union is that they “work and play together.”)

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