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The Vaccine Controversy
Hospital News
While vaccines are free and readily available in Canada, cases of infectious diseases, like measles and pertussis are on the rise. The resurgence is a result of Canada’s falling child vaccination rates — resulting from parental complacency and hesitancy, widespread misinformation, a fragmented national strategy and passive public health efforts.   The full article can be found at Hospital News.

Asbestos: Legal and Lethal in the U.S.A.
Produced with for the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
There is no safe level of exposure to this commonly used construction product, and yet imports continue. Thirty Americans die each day from preventable asbestos-caused diseases. The full infographic can be found at or here.

Mental Health Educational Resources for Frontline Staff
Hospital News, January 2014

A first-of-its-kind, five-part multimedia book series created by two of Mount Sinai’s own is helping clinicians bridge the gap for patients with mental health issues. Full article here.

Creating Comfort Where There is No Cure
Hospital News, April 2013
It takes a different approach to medicine to treat patients who are living out their final months, weeks and days. While most fields of medicine work to save lives, palliative care helps patients when medical needs turn from cure to care. Full article here

When Plugging into Technology Means Tuning out of a Relationship
Toronto Star, 2011
“Any smartphone can represent a threat to the security or safety of a relationship. It can leave one person wondering if they are important,” says Dalton who specializes in treating couples at the Clinic on Dupont, an alternative health care centre that assesses and treats psychological problems. “It’s really hard to carve out a space without technology.” Full article here

Follow the Road to Recovery
Canadian Running, March/April 2012
Some injuries can take months, even years to heal. Patience and a well-rounded approach can increase your chances of a successful return to running.
Full article here

Tick-Tock, Aging and Fertility
Hello Canada! Health March 2009
While new moms Nicole Kidman, 41, and Halle Berry, 42, remind us that getting pregnant isn’t just a young woman’s game, the reality for most older women is that it’s not easy. Full article here


Dr. Mom Approaches Running with Humour, Flexibility
Woman.Ca, October 2009
Toronto-based chiropractor and new mom, Clara Leung, will be running in this Sunday’s Toronto Half-Marathon. asked Clara a few questions about how motherhood has changed her perspectives on training and tips on how we can make running a part of our regular fitness regime. Full article here